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Baila tracks every Latinx event going on in the country! If it’s worth going to you’ll find it here. Don’t see your city? Select the nearest major city or look on the Baila event map!


Miami Events

Miami is a majority Latino & Hispanic U.S. City, with a diverse mixture of Cubans, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans & Dominicans. Central and South American countries such as Guatemala, Colombia, El Salvador, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras and Brazil also has great representation in Miami!

Houston Events

Houston a stunning city & home to a thriving Latino population! Enjoy all the awesome events that this cultural melting-pot of a city has to offer.

Los Angeles Events

Los Angeles, the city of perfect weather and dreams. L.A. is known for many wonderful things, but it’s thriving Latino population is too often overlooked. View upcoming latinx events here!

New York Events

New York is truly a legendary city with rich culture & world-class events. The Big Apple has a beautiful waterfront location and a tight-knit Latino population with excellent latinx events!

Chicago Events

Chicago, often called The Third Coast with it’s beautiful waterfront, has a wonderful Latino population & great latinx events!

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